Last Thursday, a week ago, we moved the camper from Øvre Årdal to Hålimo and got it beside the wooden platform which will be the base for the tent to come up, attached to the camper.
We had to wriggle it back and forth by the car but finally it was in place. A few cm still to be adjusted but that will come later.

We spent the week end here and were practically alone on the camping site, that was very nice smiley
Had very very good weather, considering the weather forecast that wasn’t very good.
We enjoyed ourselves immensely and came to the conclusion that we would never regret having done this. Hopefully the camper will be situated here for the years to come.

I can’t show you any photos yet due to the fact the resolution on the camera is set to high, apparently. Have to ask about that but they’ve got some issues at the moment so I can’t get in touch with them on their support chat. So you will have to do with the two photos from my previous post.

That’s all for now, have a great day smiley